Question #1: What are the system requirements ?


Dual core @ 2 GHz



64-bit Windows 10

ASIO audio recommended


Quad core @ 3 GHz or faster

16 GB or more RAM

Support for 4K resolution

SSD drive


macOS Catalina or later.

Intel CPU recommended at the moment

Question #2: Will there be a tablet/mobile version ?

The beta version and the first public release will be available only on Windows and macOS systems. Later on, mobile version for tablet device will be released.

Issue #1 : Windows audio problem. App is non-responsive.

For some currently unknown reason, sometimes the windows audio driver is unable to start with the app and the program freezes at start.

Sometimes the problem starts to affect all Windows video/audio applications and can be caused by other apps too.

This can be prevented by not having other audio-using applications running on background when starting manaCompiler. This includes apps like media players and especially web browser pages with video and audio running.

If closing other audio apps doesn't fix the issue, try restarting Windows Audio service and/or Windows Audio Endpoint Builder service from Windows Services (search the start menu for 'services').