• Pianoroll step-sequencer with 16 polyphonic tracks :
    • Record from touchscreen, MIDI and sequence generators.
    • Visual grid dimensions according tuning system and scale

    • MIDI file import and export.

  • Control sequencer with 10 automation tracks :
    • Discrete

      automation for sequencers

    • Continous automation for sound generation and mixing.
    • Automation recording from MIDI CC.
    • Configurable CC mappings and presets for fixed-map controllers

  • Vector sequencers for

    stochastic and pattern-based sequences

    • Separate methods for time and pitch value generations.
    • Intervalic returner, limiters and chord generator for pitch values.
    • Recording phrase looper with phrase mutations.
    • State machine for sequencing interpolation between parameter sets.

  • Matrix sequencers for stochastic

    Markov chain sequences

    • Separate matrices for time and pitch value generations.
    • Visual matrix presentation and editing.
    • MIDI file crawler for matrix generation

    • MIDI input listener for Markov chain AI based matrix generation

    • State machien for sequencing between matrix datas.

  • Particle sequencer for

    physically modelled sequences

    • Virtual 2D space to simulate particle movement.
    • Gravity, swarming and collision mechanics

    • Particle surface collisions transformed into notes and triggers.

  • Communication between sequence generators :

    • Configurable beat synchronization.
    • Note number feeds for pitch synchronization.

  • All generators can send to MIDI output