1. Some buttons wont work when I click them!

The buttons that have alternative colour require double clicking/tapping in order to function. These buttons usually do something that done by accident can result losing work or data.

2. How can I play static patterns?

When Vector sequencer has both X and Y in Pattern mode and Pattern Link and Sync Pattern Reset toggled on, the pattern will loop unchanged. Also when recording progress into Repeater and having Infinite toggled on, looped pattern never changes.

3. What does Matrix sequencer actually do ?

In order to understand Matrix sequencer one needs to have some idea about Markov chains. To overly simplify, it is a table that tells what note will be played next if the last note was X and the one before that Y. Matrix sequencer calculates both note and time value progression from this two or three dimensional matrix, that can be generated from MIDI files, learned from played notes or if mastered, edited by hand.

4. I switched Vector State Machine online and lost all my vectors!

When Vector State Machine is running, all vectors update their parameters according States which act as saved parameter sets for all vector sequencers. If current state of vectors is not written into some State, it is lost when State Machine starts to read and interpolate states.

5. I recorded music from MIDI keyboard to Piano Roll but only some of the notes were recorded!

If the MIDI input Channel has a different Scale than the Piano Roll Track, only those notes shared by the two scales are saved into the track. Set same scale for both settings or have a chromatic scale in Piano Roll.

6. I tried to import MIDI file but only part of the notes were imported!

When importing MIDI that is most likely in chromatic 12-tone mapping, a Chromatic 12-tone Scale must be assigned to all Piano Roll Tracks.

7. How can I get the factory preset sounds back ?

Currently the only way to reset factory presets is to remove the preset mem file from:
(OSX) ~/Library/Application Support/Dhalang MG/ that can be accessed with Finder's Go->Go to Folder..

8. I tried to transpose indonesian/african/etc scale and it sounds all wrong!

Many preset tuning systems, particularly indonesian and african are combinations of other smaller scales and systems that do not follow one real tuning system. In fact, only scales in equal temperament systems can be transposed in theory, while with just intonation systems, the base tuning frequency acts as 'transposing' factor.

9. What are the control values of parameters when recording automation from MIDI input ?

The default CC mapping is General MIDI compatible while for other standards there is and will be other mapping settings.

10. How can I record sequence generator automation from MIDI input?

Currently all sequencer parameters are recorded from the Mod Wheel of standard MIDI controller.