Have you ever wanted to sequence electronic and electro-acoustic music with authentic alternative tuning systems e.g. Indian or Arabic, and their distinct musical scales ? How about generating totally unique tuning systems and exploring their new sonic frontiers with traditional piano roll notation or with more adventurous algorithmic and stochastic sequencers ? Even though not an entry level software, Dhalang requires no special musical training and only a refined ear for music and sound that go beyond the mainstream.

Dhalang MG consists of internal synthesizers and samplers all tunable to any tuning system. Internal mixer with multi-effect buses provides complete track production within the single software. Stereo or multichannel audio output can be rendered to wav offline or online while playing or mixing live.

Sequencers use scale subsets that allow very easy and fast grid-based creation of the most hypnotic, catchy or complex sequences possible. Algorithmic sequencers based on vector progression, Markov chains and physics generate musical sequences in a similar fashion to modular synthesis; Different operators and principles guide pattern or stochastic -based endless flow of notes that control internal instruments or external MIDI devices and software. With multiple state machines, algorithmic sequencer states can be in turn sequenced and interpolated in a song-like way. All different types of sequencers can even be linked and synced together allowing endless original musical possibilities.

UPD Network connection allows multiple instances of Dhalang to sync tempo to one another and for exchanging tuning systems and scales.



New demo from early 2017


Live jam in Indian tuning.