What is it ?

Archaid [Aar-Kaid] is a collection of esoteric cognitive arcade games that utilize alphanumerics and hexagonal grid for puzzles of memorization, pattern recognition, heuristics, hypercube navigation, complexity and strategy inspired by various ancient and modern concepts of gematria and divine mathematics.

The games have player-selectable sets for historical old English, Hebrew, ancient Greek, Nubian Coptic, Arabic, medieval Nordic runes, Georgian, Armenian, old Cyrillic, Glagolitic, and fictional Klingon and Zentradi alphabetic and numeral systems.

Eastern game types have presentations of the 64 I Ching hexagrams.

Why hexagonal space ?

Our perception of space is based on six directions of the three dimensions.

Human brain has twelve muscles, six for each eye.

Organic life is based on carbon, which has six protons in the nucleus.

The most fundamental structures of our reality and perception are rooted in sixes, so why not further the spatials of video game mechanics to require the utilization of complete Human perception capability.

Why create it?

Most contemporary video games are unchallenging or challenging in ways that make the players only dumber. We wanted to develop a video game that instead challenges the mind in ways that make it's players more smarter.

We also wanted a very immersive game that works like an active meditation, mental yoga.

There are no micropaymets, no rewards except the gradually mastered zen-like gameplay itself and getting your name into the online leaderboards, if you beat the score of other players.

Why early access ?

Even though developed for three years now, the game is very experimental in concept, and it's rules and difficulties can be seen to change in future as more players get involved and more feedback gathered. The core game engine though is fully working and stable.

What do I need to play it ?

Minimum Recommended
Windows 7 64bit Windows 10
macOS 10.12latest macOS
i5 Dual CoreQuad Core or better
4GB Ram8GB Ram
Intel HD4000GeForce GTX 1050 or better
360p @ 30FPS 4K* @ 60FPS

* Ultra HD resolution recommended for eastern game types.