Ever wanted to sequence electronic music with authentic alternative tuning systems e.g. Indian or Arabic, and their distinct musical scales ? How about generating totally unique tuning systems and exploring their new sonic frontiers with pianoroll notation or more adventurous generative and stochastic sequencers ? Sure, there are complex scientific software available with steep learning curve but how about an accessible hands-on "groovebox" program that intuitively directs into all this just in moments.

Dhalang MG is a standalone music software for accessible use of alternative tuning systems in electronic music composition, production and performance. Dhalang offers internal synthesizers and samplers with multitrack mixing and effecting possibilities that can be controlled with internal sequencers, touch screen or standard MIDI input. In addition to it’s traditional multitrack piano roll editing and sequencing, Dhalang also features several generative and stochastic methods for more experimental sequencing of ((micro)tonal) music.



New demo from early 2017


Live jam in Indian tuning.