Quicksheet Manual

Updated 07.11.2016
Explains core philosophy and pipeline of the software in very compact form.

Dhalang Quicksheet (pdf)
Dhalang Quicksheet (png)


Project files from skeches video. 07.03.2017
download in zip file

New Demo from early 2017

Tutorial Videos

Developer wandering fast

Tutorial 7 (31.10.2016) NEW!
Tutorial 6 (15.10.2016)
Tutorial 5 (10.9.2016)
Tutorial 4 (10.9.2016)
Tutorial 3 (8.9.2016)
Tutorial 2 (7.9.2016)
Tutorial 1 (1.9.2016)

Tutorial 1: Simple synth, pianoroll, automation, mixer and vector sequencer

Tutorial 2: Sampler (single & segment), and shallow use of matrix sequencer

Tutorial 3: Additive synth and more deeper use of matrix sequencer

Tutorial 4: Physical synth and tuning editor

Tutorial 5: Particle sequencer quick starts

Tutorial 6: Vector state machine and synchronizations

Tutorial 7: Feed channels

Please contact if you have made good videos of the use.